Wednesday, December 11, 2013

SpendSmartCard - Roll Forward Anomaly in Cash Flow Statement

Today, XBRL Cloud has a new beta release.  XBRL Cloud is proud to announce a beta test of our first generation of filing-specific business rules.  What is truly unique about these business rules is that the rules are generated based on individual filings.  For example, XBRL Cloud can locate the Roll Forward in your Cash Flow statement, and create a rule that is only relevant in your filing!  Note that it is impossible to use XBRL Calculations for Roll Forwards, so there has been no way to automatically validate these calculations--until now.

The beta release has the following new features:
  • Auto-generated business rules for Roll Forwards.  To be clear, we use the term Roll Forward to mean "begin + change(s) = end", such as you might see in Cash Flow Statement.
  • Suggested fixes for anomalous Roll Forwards.  Suggested fixes include inverting labels or numbers, noting missing calculations, and more.
  • Icons and colorization to quickly identify problem areas (Roll Forwards and other verification errors and tasks).
  • Substantial validation performance enhancements.
We recommend that you view this video that shows how to research a Roll Forward anomaly in SpendSmartCard's 2012 10-K filing.
XBRL Customers can switch between production and beta releases until early January 2014.