Friday, March 14, 2014

Beta release of major validation upgrade, iXBRL and more!

XBRL Cloud has just released a Beta version of CleanScore with substantially new areas of validation.  Included in this release are:

  • [New] Support for draft 2014 taxonomy
  • [New] Support for EDGAR Filing Manual V27
  • [New] Support for iXBRL validation
  • [New] One-click to auto-generate iXBRL from Evidence Package, which can be used as a template, or for review
  • [New] "Review" severity intended to point out items that require manual review.
  • Roll Forward verification that results in statements and disclosures to Review
  • Upgrade to DEI validations to ensure logical use of these concepts, especially regarding dates
  • Additional structural validations to ensure consistent presentation layout
  • Improved user navigation and "direction" when looking at all reports. The new design should eliminate confusion about which validations or reports are appropriate for the current filing.
We expect that these features will simplify your verification process.  Let us know what you think!

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