Friday, August 29, 2014

XBRL Cloud releases CleanScore V2.9.0

The V2.9.0 release of CleanScore simplifies sifting through the automated validations:

  • CleanScore validation summary now broken down by validation code for faster interpretation.  Here's an example of what this looks like:

  • Upgrade validation message for presentation/calculation mismatches to reduce confusion related to "reverse" calculations (where the totals are displayed towards the top of the page; differences towards the bottom) that are evident on some filings.  This was a change requested by our customers.  Normally, totals are at the bottom of the page, but occasionally this is not the case.

  • Website now displays larger videos for easier viewing and improved clarity.

XBRL Cloud releases CleanScore V2.8.5

XBRL Cloud has released V2.8.5.  The thrust of the changes were aimed at the Japanese (read EDINET) market, although U S customers gain some usability as well:
  • The Evidence Package, Viewer, and other reports do not contain "empty" components.  While this can be a little confusing in general, many the first component in many EDINET filings is empty.  That is, you launched the viewer, and saw .... nothing.  The great side effect of this is that some U S filings are easier to browse
  • Password verification was changed to be more natural for customers with extended character sets as their default -- again, such as the Japanese.