Tuesday, September 16, 2014

XBRL Cloud Releases Beta CleanScore V2.10.0

Today, XBRL Cloud has release a Beta version of CleanScore V2.10.0.  This new release is the exciting initial release of a new thrust of validations that help filers assert that they are following U S Generally Accepted Accounting Principals.  That is, not just the U S GAAP XBRL structure, but rather that the financial statements and disclosures have the proper financial meaning and integrity within and across filings.

This Beta release includes:
  • Validation for U S GAAP Fundamental Accounting Concepts. For details please see: Financial Reporting Ontology, and especially Fundamental Accounting Concepts
  • Upgrades to EFM:
    • Check correctness of Fiscal Period Focus
    • Check correctness of the period defined by the Required Context
    • Assert that companies are setting dei:TradingSymbol
  • Relaxation of certain tests that were inappropriate applied to Risk/Return filings