Wednesday, November 19, 2014

CleanScore updates; new USFAC Dashboard [V2.13.0]

We are excited to bring to you the first iteration of Fundamental Accounting Concepts, which is now available on our production systems!  Related, there is a new Fundamental Accounting Concept dashboard for our customers.  The list below itemizes the key myriad features of this new release:
  • CleanScore V2.2
    • Fundamental Accounting Concepts updated and moved to production!  Please see previous (Beta) release notes for details.  You will see many new rules in each subsequent release to cover more of already-tested statements, as well as new rules to cover not-yet-tested disclosures
    • Corrections to validation for EDGAR Filing Manual 6.5.9
    • Reduced severity of certain Roll Forward (end = begin + change) validations so that unusual-but-valid cases are flagged for REVIEW, but not an ERROR.
    • Various stability and performance enhancements
  • USFAC Dashboard [Beta]
    • New Fundamental Accounting Concepts dashboard.  The dashboard can be viewed at
    • Details about each entity's filing are currently only available to our customers.  This dashboard is necessary to be able to compare and contrast each filer's filing (pre-submission) with competitors' or other comparable public filings.
    • In the future, this information will be made available publicly, probably as an upgrade on the EDGAR Dashboard.
  • EDGAR Dashboard
    • Various stability and performance enhancements
  • GAAPWatch / EDGAR Report Information
    • Updated S&P 500
    • Added Russell 1000 as a pre-defined group

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