Friday, August 26, 2016

iXBRL Release [V2.17.6]

We are pleased to provide you with new functionality that is mostly related to iXBRL.   This upgrades include:
  • iXBRL 1.1 Validation:  You can now upload in iXBRL (HTML) file and the various taxonomy extension files.  Once you have done so, you can the run validation, create an Evidence Package, or run any of the myriad XBRL-related reports
  • iXBRL Preview:  You can see what your inline XBRL preview will look like once you submit your filing to the SEC.  This shows the exact same preview as you see on the SEC site.
  • Full EFM V37 Support (most of the V37 changes are related inline XBRL)
  • Upgraded EDGAR Dashboard processing so that SEC preview embedded in Evidence Package will always exactly match the preview available on -- at least at the time of creation of the Evidence Package
  • Updates various tools to handle duplicate facts as described by EFM V37
  • Maintenance, Stability, and Performance Enhancements

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