Tuesday, December 6, 2016

2016 Q4 Release [V3.0]


We have some exciting new features in production today for immediate use.  Furthermore, we have a new Notes Consistency feature now in Beta that should drastically improve the internal consistency of your filings.

Production Changes

The following changes are effective immediately the production version of CleanScore:
  • Support for DQC V2.1.1
  • Enhancements to support for U S GAAP 2017
  • Maintenance, Stability, and Performance Enhancements

Beta Changes

We highly recommend that you use the Beta site for all work, even filings that you are preparing for submission right now.  In the first week of January 2017, these features will be migrated to appear on the EDGAR Dashboard, and the production version of CleanScore.  The following changes are in Beta right now:
  • Brand new Level 3 to Level 4 Notes Consistency Validation. Specifically, the system analyzes Level 3 textblocks to ensure that Level 4 detail appropriately mirrors the Level 3. Notably, this uncovers typographical errors in translation (from Level 3 to Level 4), and missing information (e.g., table in Level 3 has 10 cells, but table in Level 4 has 8 cells.  You would be surprised at how many errors there are in the detail tables due not only to typographical errors, but also numbers that are not updated for the current quarter, or simply forgotten!
  • Support for EFM V39