Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Maintenance Release V3.1.1

Maintenance Release [v3.1.1]

  • Fundamental Accounting Concept validator now takes into account rounding. That is, it allows for rounding of the least significant digit
  • Improved @xml:lang handling for Labels and Footnotes
  • Maintenance, Stability, and Performance Enhancements

Monday, January 9, 2017

Notes Consistency Release [v3.1]


The key change for this release is that Notes Consistency verification is now in production.

Production Changes

The following changes are effective immediately the production version of CleanScore:
  • Final version of Notes Consistency validation
  • Final version of EFM V39, primarily full support for new XBRL features required for U S GAAP 2017
  • Support for DQC V2.1.1
  • Updated iXBRL Viewer
  • Maintenance, Stability, and Performance Enhancements