Wednesday, March 22, 2017

2017 Q1 Release [V3.2]

The main feature for this quarter's release is a major enhancement to calculation verification.

As you are certainly aware, XBRL Calculations cause "inconsistencies" to generate a lot of noise.  Specifically, calculations from one component "bleed through" to other components.  In fact, this happens so often--there is so much noise--that XBRL calculations are often ignored ... to the point that calculations that actually have an error are never corrected.

There are a new set of REVIEW signals now related to calculations.  In almost all cases, if you see one of these new calculation signals, there is either an error in the fact data, or the (original XBRL) calculation itself.

Note that this is an iterative process for us.  Specifically, we do not want to create false negatives.  That is, we don't want to duplicate any of the noise caused by XBRL Calculations.  To that end, we may not always locate up all "real" calculation errors.  On the other hand, the issues that we point out are almost always real issues--not noise.  We may release updates to this in the future to catch other real errors.

In addition to the above, there are these other upgrades:
  • Enhanced support for the 2017 U S GAAP taxonomy
  • Maintenance, Stability, and Performance Enhancements 
Please note that new release is in Beta right now; the production release will be on April 3. 2017.

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