Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Major improvements for verifying calculations [v4.0]

The Version 4.0 release is a significant functional change because we have gone to great lengths to remove "noise" from calculations.  This reduction in noise should make it quicker and easier to review your filing.  The following items have been upgraded for this new release:
  • Major reduction in "noise" for XBRL Calculations and Roll Forwards. That is, previously, due to bleed through, sometimes the verifier was instructed to review sums that would never add up. Now, the calculations being verified should be the ones that count
  • Support for DQC V4.0
  • "Regular" HTML or XML Validation report (which is PROFILE_BASED for U S GAAP filings) now removes "bleed-through" calculations. This means that "XBRL Calculations", loosely, should only be flagged for "meaningful" calculations
  • Updates to IFRS validation due to IFRS having slightly different structural rules from U S GAAP
  • Visual verification (green cell) when members sum to the domain for any given component
  • Maintenance, stability, and performance enhancements

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